paintedprintedpaper said: Thank you so much for following me. i was just scrolling through your blog and your photos are amazing!!!

You’re very welcome :) your blog is awesome :D

And thank you very much for your kind words!!!

Facebook Page! Have a wonder and give it a cheeky like ;)

bookbook-art said: Thanks for following my blog. Personally I find yours and your pictures to be amazing

Thank you very much :) I’m glad you’re enjoying my work :D

Anonymous said: Your photos really are amazing! Which camera do you use? :) Love it <3

Thank you very much :):)
I used a nikon d90 for my older work and a d610 for my recent work

graceelizabeththefab said: Your photos are absolutely perfect!! I'm in love :)

Wow. Thank you <3 ! 

That has made my day :D 

streetwalkingwanderer said: your photos are über creative - keep it up~

Thank you very much! :D :D 

infinitedreamer828 said: Your photography is beautiful. Oh my god.

Wow . Thank you very much ! You are too kind !